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Load Calculator

Calculating the required load for an installation can be tricky and it is important to understand all elements and the effect they have on each other.

Electair has developed a load calculator to help you take into account all considerations but a properly certified and qualified electrician must still carry out their usual calculations alongside this tool.  

Instructions on how to use the calculator can be found below, or on the calculator itself.


How to get the most out of Electair Exports' Load Calculator
Step 1
Download Excel Spreadsheet

(Note:  On some downloads the result comes up as hash value.  Enter a 1 in C5 and D5, this  will clear this bug.)
First put a 1 in C 5 or D 5 to select if a single or 3 phase supply, not both. You may have to click on 'enable editing' to use the calulator.

Step 2

Next, put a 1 in the load to be installed in column C or D if 3 phase supply but a single phase load put a 1 in the column C.  If 3 phase then in D, but not both.

Electair Exports Load Calculator
Step 3

If the supply is 3 phase but load is single phase you need to select which phase as below. If it is a single phase load put a 1 in L, M or N to select which phase you want to connect it to (can be changed later to balance the loads). Then put a 1 in the box under the size being installed.
Only place to enter a number other than 1 is if there are 2 pumps of the same size. 

Step 4

Electric heater enter the KW.
Heat pump enter the output KW.
Portable spa ENTER THE AMPS' 
If a box lights red you have a 1 in more than one box. 

More detailed instructions can be found on the calculator